On 31 Mar 2009, at 19:59, Laurie Roshak wrote:

> I am looking for some tools that will allow a geographically  
> dispersed team
> (Denver, Ottawa, Hanoi) to work together. I especially need audio
> conferencing and application sharing/viewing capabilities. We use  
> WebEx but
> have had too many issues. We also use Skype and have discussed using  
> VNC.
> What other tools do you suggest? We are a start-up, so cost is a big  
> issue
> for us.

You could check out <https://www.yugma.com>... their free service  
supports sessions of up to 20 users, and they also have a paid service  
which offers additional features.  (The free version only offers IM  
chat, not audio chat, though.)


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