Second Call for Papers
Ethics, Roles and Relationships in Interaction Design in Developing  

A workshop at INTERACT 2009, August 24th & 25th 2009, Uppsala, Sweden

Deadline for submissions: 10 May 2009

This workshop will explore the ethical and organisational issues  
associated with interaction design efforts conducted in 'developing'  
regions of the world, and design efforts supporting social and  
economic development in marginalised groups in 'developed' regions.  
Our focus is on the challenges of producing outcomes that are  
sustainable from technical, financial, social, organisational,  
ecological and human perspectives.


-- What are the ethical issues involved in conducting design research  
in this field?
-- What can we draw from existing debates about ethics and partnership  
working in development to inform our practice?

-- How do projects select partners to work with, and what are the  
-- How can individual projects work in partnership with local NGOs,  
educational and research organisations to develop capacity in  
interaction design, and what are the challenges?
-- How can roles be configured and negotiated to maximise both the  
chances of developing successful project outcomes and enhancing local  
-- What kinds of participation should be recommended? Is participatory  
design always the appropriate approach?

-- How do outside influences, such as the environment of funding,  
commercial interests, personal interests, and institutional objectives  
impact on our ability to make meaningful contributions?
-- What kinds of sustainable configuration of interests can be  
supported, and how?
-- What are the appropriate roles for individuals, research  
institutions, government, commercial companies and NGOs in this setting?
-- How can we ensure that interaction design with development aims is  
sustainable in local contexts?

Please submit a 2-page experience statement addressing one or more of  
the themes listed above, and explaining how your experience is  
relevant to the themes of the workshop. Your submission may include a  
case study, a scenario, or a description of a particular project.

We shall be seeking sponsorship to support participants from  
developing regions in attending this workshop. If you would like to be  
considered for this sponsorship, please indicate this and send a short  

Send your submissions by email to [log in to unmask] with the subject  
line "Interact 2009 submission"

Important Dates
Submission deadline: 10 May 2009
Notification of acceptance: 24 May 2009
Early registration deadline for conference: 27 May 2009
Workshop: 24/25 August 2009

Anxo Cereijo-Roibas, Vodafone Group
Andy Dearden, Sheffield Hallam University
Susan Dray, Dray & Associates
Phil Gray, University of Glasgow
John Thomas, IBM T. J. Watson Research Center
Niall Winters, London Knowledge Lab

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