Symposium On Usable Privacy and Security
July 15-17, 2009
Mountain View, CA

Registration is now open (early registration ends June 5)

Preliminary program is now available

Designing and Evaluating Usable Security and Privacy Technology
Think Evil (tm)

Invited talk:
Eric Sachs - Redirects to login pages are bad, or are they?

Usability of Security Software - Is Open Source a Positive, Negative,  
or Neutral Factor?

Technical papers:

 Revealing Hidden Context: Improving Mental Models of Personal  
Firewall Users
Fahimeh Raja, Kirstie Hawkey and Konstantin Beznosov

 Social Applications: Exploring A More Secure Framework
Andrew Besmer, Heather Lipford, Mohamed Shehab and Gorrell Cheek
 School of Phish: A Real-Word Evaluation of Anti-Phishing Training
Ponnurangam Kumaraguru, Justin Cranshaw, Alessandro Acquisti, Lorrie  
Cranor, Jason Hong, Mary Ann Blair and Theodore Pham
 A "Nutrition Label" for Privacy
Patrick Gage Kelley, Joanna Bresee, Lorrie Faith Cranor, and Robert W.  
 Challenges in Supporting End-User Privacy and Security Management  
with Social Navigation
Jeremy Goecks, W. Keith Edwards and Elizabeth D. Mynatt
 Ubiquitous Systems and the Family: Thoughts about the Networked Home
Linda Little, Elizabeth Sillence and Pam Briggs
 Look into my Eyes! Can you guess my Password?
Alexander De Luca, Martin Denzel and Heinrich Hussmann
 Personal Choice and Challenge Questions: A Security and Usability  
Mike Just and David Aspinall
 1 + 1 = You: Measuring the comprehensibility of metaphors for  
configuring backup authentication
Stuart Schechter and Robert Reeder
 Serial Hook-Ups: A Comparative Usability Study of Secure Device  
Pairing Methods
Alfred Kobsa, Rahim Sonawalla, Gene Tsudik, Ersin Uzun and Yang Wang
 Usability and Security of Out-Of-Band Channels in Secure Device  
Pairing Protocols
Ronald Kainda, Ivan Flechais and Andrew William Roscoe
 Games for Extracting Randomness
Ran Halprin and Moni Naor
 Sanitization's Slippery Slope: The Design and Study of a Text  
Revision Assistant
Richard Chow, Ian Oberst and Jessica Staddon
 Balancing Usability and Security in a Video CAPTCHA
Kurt Kluever and Richard Zanibbi
 How Users Use Access Control
Diana Smetters and Nathan Good

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