Hello! We at Departement of Informatics, University of Fribourg
(Switzerland), are conducting a survey to analyze how people use
digital technologies to manage personal documents.

Questionnaire has a maximum of 23 questions/10 minutes to complete.
The questionnaire is anonymous and your data will be used only for
research purposes.

Click on this link (or copy it in your browser) to launch the questionnaire:

About the questionnaire:
We are collecting information to analyze how people manage their
personal documents from a temporal and hierarchical point of view.
We want to know what kind of manipulations people do to retrieve
documents over time and what kind of technology they use. Our goal
is to produce digital means to support people in the retrieval of
documents in their hierarchy using "temporal" manipulations.

Please forward the questionnaire to as many colleagues as possible.
All the responses are anonymous and they will be utilized for
research purposes only. Your support is really invaluable for us
because only acquiring information directly from your voice we can
design new means that meet real people's need.

Thank you for participating

Julien Thomet
University of Fribourg

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