UX Competency Framework Workshop

February 25th, 2010

BCS Office, Southampton St, London

User Experience (UX) is an encompassing term covering a range of disciplines from IT, 
Ergonomics, Usability, Marketing and Communications. It is most commonly used in the 
context of the usability of IT systems. Fully addressing UX requires consideration of a 
product's impact on its users at all stages in its lifecycle, including the marketing, 
packaging, training, introduction, support and disposal, and has an impact on the scope 
and management of product development projects. It is therefore difficult to say what a 
UX professional does and the skills and training that are required to truly call ones self a 
UX professional. This workshop will examine such issues as

- What does industry need from UX professionals?
- What are the skills and training required for UX professionals?
- What are the levels at which UX professionals operate?
- What existing skills frameworks in the contributing disciplines can we call on?
- How do we work with the stakeholders, employers, professional bodies, academics, 
training bodies to develop, disseminate and assess UX skills?

We call on existing practitioners and researchers in this area to submit 2-6 page position 
papers on any aspect of this topic. Position papers will be presented in short talks in the 
morning of the event, followed by focused discussions in the afternoon and a UX Job Fair 
in the early evening.

Papers should be submitted to Tom McEwan [log in to unmask] by 15th January 

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