*Call-for-Papers: Mobile Cloud Media Computing 2010*
A satellite workshop of ACM Multimedia 2010 <http://www.acmmm20.org/>  -
Florence, Italy - Oct 29, 2010

Smart mobile devices such as camera phones typically will be carried by
people all the time. These devices are true “multimedia” devices that
acquire, process, transmit and present text, image, video and audio data
using both media input (camera and other sensors) and output (screen and
speaker) channels. However, due to the limitations in computation, storage,
display, and camera, multimedia applications and systems have not been
adequately supported on mobile devices. Recently, the rapid development
along the following aspects largely mitigated these limitations: (1) Cloud
computing, which solves both the bottle neck of computation and storage; (2)
large and high-resolution display (more and more mobile devices are equipped
with high-resolution LED); (3) 3G and WiFi, which solves the bandwidth
issue; (4) high-quality cameras; (5) more informative sensors like GPS,
gravity sensor, compass, etc; (6) More powerful CPU. With these
developments, it is now the prime time for us to realize intelligent mobile
device centered multimedia applications with the support of a cloud
computing platform.

In particular, the support of cloud computing platform has become an
essential factor especially for scalable and connected mobile multimedia
technologies, applications and systems, due to its powerful support on
computation, storage and networking. The focus of this workshop is on
exploring challenges and opportunities of intelligent multimedia
technologies, applications and systems on mobile devices, especially when a
media cloud computing platform can be appropriately leveraged.

*Importate Dates*

*Paper Submission Due*:         June 10, 2010
*Notification of Acceptance*:  July 10, 2010
*Camera-Ready Due*:              July 26, 2010
*Workshop Day*:                     October 29, 2010

   *General Chair*:

Chang Wen Chen<http://sites.google.com/site/mobilecloudmedia/people/changwenchen>
*University at Buffalo, USA, chencw AT buffalo.edu*

*Program Chairs*:

Xian-Sheng Hua<http://sites.google.com/site/mobilecloudmedia/people/xian-sheng-hua>
*Microsoft Research Asia, China, xshua AT microsoft.com*

Gang Hua <http://sites.google.com/site/mobilecloudmedia/people/gang-hua>
*Nokia Research Center, USA, ganghua AT gmail.com*

Enquiries please email to: [log in to unmask]