SIGMM Records

Volume 2, Issue 2, June 2010 (ISSN 1947-4598)

The June 2010 issue of the ACM SIG Multimedia Records is now available!

In this issue, we present several new activities of the SIG Multimedia that require your contributions. There are the SIGMM History Archives, which are meant to preserve the history of the SIGMM's events, require your help for finding older material. The SIGMM Educational Portal is online for your use, but you are invited to submit more material. And MediaEval, a new initiative for multimedia retrieval, invites your participation. We report from the ACM Multimedia Systems conference and the Art.on.Wires workshop, and we are of course bringing you the latest multimedia PhD theses.

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Table of Contents (with links to

  1. Editorial
  2. SIGMM History Archives
  3. SIGMM Educational Portal
  4. MediaEval 2010: Multimedia Retrieval Benchmark Evaluation
  5. PhD thesis abstracts
  6. Event Reports
  7. Awards for SIGMM members
  8. Calls for Papers
  9. Job Opportunities
  10. Impressum