The  ACM  Multimedia conference is the main annual conference of ACM SIGMM.
It  provides a great opportunity for researchers to present their work, get
acquainted with the work of others, and discuss with colleagues both junior
and  senior.  To promote this form of cooperation, the SIG and its sponsors
make conference participation grants available for several students.

A scholarship is meant to support personal attendance of one student at the
main  conference  by paying the advance registration fee of up to $500* for
the  student (including main conference, workshop or tutorials). Individual
scholarships  may  cover  additional  expenses  subject  to  conditions  of
individual  sponsors. Students will have to make their own arrangements for
travel and accommodation.

All  students  can  apply, students being the primary author of an accepted
paper will be given preference in the selection process.

To  apply  for  a  scholarship,  a  faculty  member  of  the student's host
institution    must    fill    in    a    short    web    application    at . Students and faculty are encouraged to have
the application sent as soon as possible. The application must be submitted
no  later  than  August  10, 2010. Applications arriving after the deadline
will  not  be  considered.  The  notification  date  is  September 1, 2010.
Decisions made are final.

Please include the following information in an application:
   1. 	the  faculty's  full name and email address, student's full name and
      email address;
   2.	the name and nationality of the institution;
   3.	the student's academic status and expected year of graduation
   4. 	whether  the student is (co-)author of a paper that was accepted for
      the  main  conference or if the student contributes to any other part
      of the conference
   5. 	if  the  student is a (co-)author, the paper title, author list, the
      student's  contribution  to  the  paper, and whether the student will
      present the paper
   6. 	the  reason  for  applying  for  the  grant,  including the expected
      benefits  that  the students will have from attending the conference,
      research significance, and the funding status of the student
   7. 	a  brief  statement by the student about his or her current research
      interests  and research accomplishments to date, or a link to his/her

Questions can be directed to Lexing Xie < xlx at us dot ibm dot com >

We look forward to receiving your applications!

* Each accepted paper at ACMMM10 – with the exception of papers accepted at
the Doctoral Symposium Program – must have at least one author registered
with the REGULAR (NON-STUDENT) rate at the camera ready submission deadline
of July 26th. Award of student scholarship does NOT waive this requirement.
Please see conference registration page for details.

** in addition, female students/researchers are encouraged to apply for the
Google Grant for Female Computer Scientists, for details see