SIGMM Records

Volume 2, Issue 4, December 2010 (ISSN 1947-4598)

Welcome to the last SIGMM Records of 2010!

With this issue, we are glad that we can announce the start of a regular column for the Records: The SIGMM Education Column. Sprung out of the work for the Education Portal, it presents selected contributions to the Education Portal in this and future issues of the Records. The issue presents to you a full six PhD thesis summaries, provides you also with direct access to the latest papers in TOMCCAP and MMSJ and the IJAMC special issue of NetGames 2009, a job announcement and a link to a large, freely available trace.

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Table of Contents (with links to

  1. Editorial
  2. Awards for SIGMM members
  3. SIGMM Education Column
  4. SIGMM History Archives
  5. Introducing ScientifiCareers
  6. PhD thesis abstracts
  7. Event Reports
  8. Calls for Papers
  9. Freely available source code, traces and test content
  10. Job Opportunities
  11. Impressum