Hi - Although I am not a usability expert I have worked on web sites for
over 15 years and I have learned much from this group.  I have a
question I was hoping the group might have some insight on or perhaps
even point me to a white paper or literature on the topic.  

As our web site traffic has increased (mileageplus.com), we have seen
the actual conversion decrease, although the overall YOY conversion is
higher.  I was under the impression this is standard; since we're
driving more traffic to the site and have optimized it with new
features, more users are looking and browsing and ultimately purchasing.
Since the numbers were so low in the beginning, only those users really
interested in purchasing were using the site.  My management finds the
drop in conversion worrisome.  Is there any particular school-of-thought
on this?  

Many thanks,

Bill Phillips
Project Manager | Mileage Plus
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