Hello BayCHI Usability Engineering/User Research community,

We are looking for a leader to co-lead our group. If you or someone you know has the passion and energy to bring researchers and designers together to collaborate and share information, please contact us.

Thirteen years ago, I founded this group. Howard Tamler helped co-lead it earlier on, and Jenny Gove helped co-lead it most recently. We partnered with Kaaren Hanson who led the Bay Area UPA chapter and we held joint meetings for many years.  We really enjoyed getting together and learning with all of you! This past year, Jenny, Kaaren and I all realized we no longer have time to run this group.

We would like to see this community continue to collaborate and network together. This is a really interesting time in our industry with new tools and processes being developed for research. If you are interested in helping to co-lead the group, please contact me.

Mary VanRiper
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