Please note that the submission deadline for ACII doctoral consortium and
interactive event (demos) is is June 1, 2011 for both events. Please see for more information and to submit your papers. Note that
Doctoral Consortium and demo papers will be included in the conference

We are also delighted to inform you that there will be five workshops on
some very exciting topics on the first day of the conference - October 9,

The workshops include:
Affective Brain-Computer Interfaces (aBCI 2011)
Emotion in Games
Machine Learning for Affective Computing (MLAC)
Augmenting Social Interaction through Affective Computing
1st International Audio/Visual Emotion Challenge and Workshop (AVEC 2011)

The workshops have different deadlines and submission requirements. Please
see the conference website ( for links to individual
workshops and for additional information.


Sidney D'Mello and Art Graesser
(ACII 2011 Co-chairs)
The University of Memphis