FYI, in case you know someone who's eligible, I wanted to make you aware of this opportunity.
     Craig Holcomb
     Chair, Baltimore Chapter of the ACM

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Date: Fri, Jun 24, 2011 at 8:10 AM
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There are still several scholarship loans and grants available from the ESB Education Foundation for the coming school year.  Just graduated high school students that will be attending an ABET accredited engineering program in the Fall and who reside in Baltimore City or one of the five Metropolitan Counties (Baltimore, Ann Arundel, Carroll, Harford and Howard) are eligible. 


Loans are in the amount of $3,000 at 2.5% interest.  Loans are renewable each year pending satisfactory grades and remaining in an ABET accredited program.  Quarterly interest payments only while still in an accredited program and for one year after graduating or leaving an accredited program.  Beginning one year after graduating or leaving an accredited program, monthly repayment of the principle and interest over a period of years totaling the number of successful years in an accredited program plus one year.  For a four year graduation, quarterly interest payments for one year after graduation then five years of monthly principle and interest payments.  For leaving an accredited program after two successful years and one unsuccessful year, quarterly interest payments for one year after leaving the program  then three years of monthly principle and interest payments.


One time grants of $2500 and $1500 are also available.


Loans and grants may be used for any purpose and are not limited to tuition and books or other education related expenses.  Awards are based primarily on merit with financial need only a small consideration in the selection process.


Please have potential candidates email Dick Magnani at [log in to unmask] to obtain an application form and instructions.  Or, email the names and contact information for potential candidates to Dick Magnani.


We would like to make awards by the middle of August.


Thank you for your help in this matter



Richard Magnani, P.E.

Retired Principal, Consultant


849 Fairmount Ave  Suite 100  Baltimore, MD  21286

MAIN  410.512.4500  DIRECT  410.512.4570   FAX  410.324.4100

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