I am pleased to announce the publication of two new books pertinent to
distributed computing theory:

*Cooperative Task-Oriented Computing: Algorithms and Complexity*
by Chryssis Georgiou (University of Cyprus) and Alexander A.
Shvartsman (University
of Connecticut)

Table of Contents: Introduction / Distributed Cooperation and Adversity /
Paradigms and Techniques / Shared-Memory Algorithms / Message-Passing
Algorithms / The *Do-All

*Read the full Abstract<http://www.morganclaypool.com/doi/abs/10.2200/S00376ED1V01Y201108DCT007>
Download the PDF (1190
Plus (1201 KB)<http://www.morganclaypool.com/doi/pdfplus/10.2200/S00376ED1V01Y201108DCT007>

*New Models for Population Protocols*
Othon Michail, Ioannis Chatzigiannakis, and Paul G. Spirakis (Research
Academic Computer Technology Institute)

Table of Contents: Population Protocols / The Computational Power of
Population Protocols / Enhancing the model / Mediated Population Protocols
and Symmetry / Passively Mobile Machines that Use Restricted Space /
Conclusions and Open Research Directions / Acronyms / Authors' Biographies

Read the full Abstract<http://www.morganclaypool.com/doi/abs/10.2200/S00328ED1V01Y201101DCT006><http://www.morganclaypool.com/doi/abs/10.2200/S00328ED1V01Y201101DCT006>
Download the PDF (1130
Plus (1156 KB)<http://www.morganclaypool.com/doi/pdfplus/10.2200/S00328ED1V01Y201101DCT006>

These titles are available online free of charge to members of institutions
that that have licensed the content through the Synthesis Digital Library of
Engineering and Computer
Science<http://www.morganclaypool.com/page/synthesis.jsp>or the
Lectures on Distributed Computing

Use of these books as a course text is encouraged; and the text may be
downloaded without restriction at licensing institutions, or after a
one-time fee of $30 USD at non-licensing schools. To find out whether your
institution is a subscriber, visit <
http://www.morganclaypool.com/page/licensed>, or follow the links above and
attempt to download the PDF. Additional information about Synthesis can be
found through the following links, or by contacting me directly.

Available titles and subject areas:
Information for librarians, including pricing and license:
A review of Synthesis in ISTL: http://www.istl.org/09-winter/electronic.html
These books can also be purchased in print directly from Amazon.com, the Morgan
& Claypool Bookstore <https://secure.aidcvt.com/mcp/default.asp>, and other
booksellers worldwide.

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