We are chairing the Design Challenge at the TEI 2012 conference in Ontario, Canada on the 19-22. February 2012. The call is out there, and we'd like to ask you to pass it to people you deem potentially interested in the challenge. 

In a Nutshell:


The promise of tangible, embedded and embodied interaction is to transform the way we interact with technology. This year's design challenge aims to push these transformations beyond the conference and into the world. The winning work will be WANTED, not just liked, by the jury and the audience of the conference. This means that the winning project team will have the responsibility to make the design happen, to produce it and to deliver it to the participants who vote for it – with their wallet. 

Possible results of this challenge could include:
	• a static but intelligent artifact that is the result of computational process
	• an electronic product that can be easily be built with accessible parts and existing platforms
	• a large-scale singular installation or intervention that the audience is willing to enable with their financial support

31. Nov 2011		Entry deadline (a simple email with details about your team and basic concept )
6. Jan 2012		TEI Early Registration
19-22. Feb. 2012	Conference

Three prizes:	
	• The most votes from the participants.
	• The most money collected.
	• The judges' award.

Each category will receive $1000 prize on top of the money the votes add up to. This money is to be used to produce and deliver the works to the voters.

The details how to submit, and what we are looking for can be found at:

Design Challenge Chairs, 
Jussi Ängeslevä & Kate Hartman

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