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Elsevier Journal Signal Processing: Image Communication 


Recent developments in technologies that make large scale use of image and video data, such as the internet, multimedia systems, digital TV, digital cinema, and mobile/wireless devices have increased the need for efficient processing, storage and transmission of visual information. It is now widely acknowledged that such technologies 
could benefit further by incorporating ongoing research on the biologically inspired computational models and especially the Human Visual System (HVS) modeling.  Indeed, in many applications, the human observer plays a prominent role in the decision tasks such as diagnosis, recognition and evaluation based on visual assessment of 
images. Recent years have witnessed an increasing interest in biologically inspired image and video processing and analysis approaches.  

The objective of this Special Issue is to publish high-quality articles on a broad array of applied and theoretical subjects on biologically inspired approaches for Visual Information Processing and analysis. This special issue will cover the recent advances in HVS inspired techniques for image and video processing with applications to 
multimedia, visual pattern recognition, surveillance, visual information coding and security and other related subjects. This call for papers invites also articles covering all aspects related to biologically inspired vision architectures and their hardware implementation for real-time image and video processing. 

Topics of particular interest to this special issue include, but are not limited to: 
3D Video Coding and Analysis Video Segmentation and Analysis 
Image and Video Quality Assessment Visual Tracking 
Image and Video Enhancement Image databases and indexing 
Perceptual Hashing Video Surveillance and Biometrics 
Multi-View Coding Perceptual Digital Watermarking 
Perceptual Image & Video Retrieval Perceptual Coding 
Multimedia Communication Multi-View Processing 

Submission format 
Prospective contributors are invited to submit manuscripts in PDF format only. Papers should be sent electronically using online manuscript submission at http://ees.elsevier.com/image. Authors should indicate that their submission is intended for this special issue on Biologically Inspired Approaches for Visual Information Processing and Analysis in the remarks field.  A copy must be sent to [log in to unmask] 
31 December 2011: Deadline for submission  
1 April 2012: first acceptance/rejection notifications* 
1 May 2012: Revised manuscript and response addressing reviewer comments 
15 May 2012: Final acceptance/rejection decisions  
1 June 2012: Camera ready and publication material  
1 July 2012: Publication of the special issue 
* Earlier submissions will receive early notifications, which leaves more time for revision of the manuscript. 

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