Hi Kay,

Here is a similar question and answer I posted a while ago. It focuses on graphic deliverables, but some of the tools may work for what you want:

QUESTION: Looking for a better way for clients to review and comment on our work online

Im envisioning a chat tool that would allow me to do the following:
 Display a Web page, graphic, or Flash animation on the Web.
 Allow a client to visually highlight part of it.
 Create a chat thread associated with the highlighted area.
 Support multiple chat threads for different highlighted areas.
 Spellcheck chat contents.
 Archive the chat thread.
Does anyone know of such a tool? It seems that Adobe CS4 has something built in or there maybe something in an application lifecycle management (ALM) tool like Rational Jazz. 

ANSWERS: I found some tools that do exactly what I want. Front runners are:

proofHQ (http://www.proofhq.com/html/main-features.html, http://www.appappeal.com/app/proofhq/)
Highly polished, works with or without Basecamp

ConceptShare (http://www.conceptshare.com/tour.html, http://www.appappeal.com/app/conceptshare)
Highly polished, works with or without Basecamp, Flash based

Cozimo (http://www.cozimo.com/, http://www.appappeal.com/app/cozimo/
Promising but Ill need to dig deeper to see if it has all of what I need

These are similar but seem to be missing core requirements:
Seems to only support static files.
Seems not have chat support, only notes.

More for conferencing. Doesnt seem to support chat associated with a comment

Cannot really figure out if this is suitable without speaking to one of their sales reps.

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