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Reminder: Designing for SEO & Accessibility Webinar on 19 July at 16:30 London Time

"I've seen a couple of your Webinar presentations recently, both of which have been very useful and have fed directlyinto the work my team is doing at the moment."
- George Harris, IT Director, Paperstone

Search engine optimization is vital to success whether you're involved in e-commerce or your organization's intranet. While SEO and accessibility may seem like odd bedfellows, they have much more in common than most people realize. (Both rely on making pages make sense to automated systems.) In this webinar you will learn the essentials of SEO and accessibility, how they are related, and the important differences you need to be aware of.

Join the live webinar this coming Thursday or download the recording if you can't make it. It covers:
 The basics of search engine optimization and accessibility for disabled people
 Brief introduction to the legal requirements of web site accessibility
 The importance of good page structure and markup
 SEO and accessibility tools
 Completing the rest of the accessibility puzzle

For more information or to register, visit http://bit.ly/gucd-4. Log into the 'My Webinars' page once you've registered to have easy access to all of the downloadable resources. 

The cost of this session is 66 / 55 / $88 with a 5-for-the-price-of-4 discount available. See www.guerrillaucd.com for full details.

The fifth in the series, Human Error, Messages & Feedback is scheduled for 2 Aug. See http://bit.ly/gucd-5.


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