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Date: September 11, 2012

Time: 5:00 PM Social, 6:00 PM Presentation

Title: Defense Against the Dark Arts Ė Cyber Security Basics

Speaker: Mr. Craig Holcomb of the National Security Agency


Just as young wizards in the Hogwarts Academy must learn about dark magic and dark creatures to defend themselves, so must young cyber wizards learn about malware and hackers. Topics covered include viruses, worms, Trojan horses, identify theft, phishing and social engineering. This talk was designed to teach computer security basics to middle and high school students using the magical world of Harry Potter to stimulate their interest. While this was designed for students many adults have enjoyed and learned from it. Since this talk was designed for students, this would be a great talk for you to bring your kids.


Mr. Craig Holcomb has been with NSA for over 31 years and is a Senior Computer Scientist. He holds an Applied Scientist degree from GW with a major in Computer Science Software and Systems, with minors in Hardware and Artificial Intelligence. He began his career as a programmer, and later ran a technology lab introducing new computer technology into NSA. He was technical director for NSAís Chief Information Officerís office of Policy and Governance. He served as a technical recruiter hiring Computer Scientists and Engineers. He moved to be technical director for the Modeling and Simulation Oversight Division in NSAís Operations Research, Modeling and Simulation office. Currently, heís NSAís Senior Compliance Officer, ensuring NSA complies with laws such as the Federal Information Security Management Act. He has been a Mathematics Speakerís Bureau speaker for over 16 years, and is the Master Instructor for the Operations Research in Real Life course at NSAís Math And Related Sciences (MARS) summer camp. Mr. Holcomb is a Lifetime member of the Association of Computing Machinery (ACM) and is the Chair of the Baltimore Chapter of the ACM.

Building: National Electronics Museum
Room Number: Pioneer Hall
1745 W. Nursery Road
Linthicum,† Maryland
United States 21090

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