CHI-Web colleagues,

I have a Web design problem and would like to know if there is a good solution.

I'll use medicine as a domain to illustrate the problem (although 
medicine isn't the domain in which I am working):

Assume a medical Web app has a page that lists patients.  Each 
patient has several attributes, so the list of patients is displayed 
as a table.  One attribute for each patient is meds the patient is 
taking.  That itself is a list of varying length.

Problem 1: how to display the list of meds for each patient in the 
list of patients.
Problem 2: how to allow users to edit the list of meds for each 
patient, i.e., add/delete meds from the list.

Ideas for solutions and pointers to sites that tackle this problem 
would be appreciated.

Jeff Johnson, Ph.D.
UI Wizards, Inc.

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