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SCiLearn@ICALT2013 - "Smart City Learning: visions, practical 
implementations and impact of glocalities" - Beijng (China), July 15-18, 

Workshop website:

Questionnaire website to establish Grand Challenges in the domain of 
Smart City Learning:
(thank in advance for your time)


In future Smart City scenarios many questions arise and wait for answers 
and solutions, among them:
• How the way of learning has changed, is changing and will change 
because of the smart city, and in particular what are the literacy and 
competences people need to learn in order to live in a smart city 
environment ?
• Through which educational technology supported path will everyone, and 
especially youths, become “participatorly” aware learners and citizens 
of the future smart cities ?
• How will we learn from the open books that are represented by cities 
of art, parks, agro-tech and industrial/productive districts ?
• How will data flowing from sensorised areas and personal devices will 
be elaborated to support awareness and continuous learning?
• How will our behaviour be influenced by knowledge of co-evolution 
mechanisms and limits of the ecosystems?
• Would 'smart cities learning' help to reinforce social inclusion and a 
common sense of belonging ?
• and last but not least, how all this may depend on the characteristics 
of the environment and how much room there will be for personalization 
and contextualization ? Will the educational infrastructure be smart 
enough to readjust, even “autopoietically”, to satisfy the needs and 
support the expectations that everyone could develop life long, in 
different contexts?


Smart City Learning @ ICALT2013 is looking for contributions that 
describe, explain or envision:

• Technological Ecosystems supporting learning within and from the 
'smart cities' (toward 'web-mobile-internet of thing' integrated 
• Educational Ecosystems: from ''intelligence' to life-long autopoietic 
education (re-skill & edupoiesis)
• Ubiquitous serious games for Smart City Learning
• Future 'smart cities' learning scenarios (contexts and methods for the 
citizens of the future)
• Ecological monitoring and visualization of flows, behaviors, 
experience's styles and 'smart cities' learning (analytics and 
Privacy and security for learning in ubiquitous environment (safe 
environments and fluxes)
Unique models for ‘smart cities’ and learning suited to developing countries
• Ubiquitous personalization and contextualization, glocalities, 
identities (cultural effect and inclusion)
Any other topic meaningful to Smart City Learning

• February 22 - Deadline for paper submission (no extension is expected)
• March 8 - Notification of acceptance
• March 15 - ICALT 2013 authors' registration deadline
• April 15 - camera-ready paper due

• Carlo Giovannella - Dept. of Educational Science & Technologies and 
Iad School, Tor Vergata University of Rome, Italy
• Sabine Graf - School of Computing and Information Systems, Athabasca 
University, Canada
• Alke Martens - PH Schwäbisch Gmünd, University of Education, Institute 
of Computer Science, Germany
• Elvira Popescu - University of Craiova, Computers and Information 
Technology Department, Romania
• Imran Zualkernan - American University of Sharjah, United Arab Emirates

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