Edited by
                                                  Ronald Yager
                       Machine Intelligence Institute, Iona College, USA
                                               Naif Alajlan
               Department of Computer Engineering, King Saud University, Saudi Arabia
                                                Marek Reformat
                 Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Alberta, Canada

Publisher: Springer

By Cyberwarfare we mean situations in which one entity, individual or organization, attacks another entity through cyberspace for the purpose, among other things, of stealing information, effecting the performance of its adversaries computer environment or sabotaging physical or information centric systems.  With the pervasive use of computers and the Internet, organizations have become more and more vulnerable to cyber attacks.  Our concern here is with all aspects of Cyberwarfare, cognitive aspects, technical and cryptographic aspects and as well aspects of vulnerability of crucial systems to cyber attack.  We are open to both defensive and offensive aspects of Cyberwarfare
This volume seeks contributions from a broad spectrum of authors from practitioners to researchers.  It is open to a wide community of disciplines that make up the emerging domain of Cyberwarfare technologies

Topics of Interest Include, but are not Limited to, the Following
Game Theory
Decision Theory
Uncertainty Modeling
Information Fusion
Approximate Reasoning
Risk Assessment and Risk Management
Strategic Planning
Conflict Management and Negotiations
Uncovering Emergent Threats
Data Mining and Machine Learning
Intelligence and Security Informatics
Network Security
Cryptographic Technologies
Surveillance Technologies
Information Assurance
Intrusion Detection system
Network Forensics
Hardware and Computer Software Security
Hacking Techniques
Physical and Information Systems Vulnerability
Attack Proof Design of Systems Such as; Financial, Refining, Power Grids, Military and Defense Manufacturing, Service, Transportation, Mining, Oil and Gas Networks,
Disaster Recovery
Continuity of Operations and Business Impact Analysis

Process for Contribution
The first step is to submit a brief one page-summary of your proposal for a chapter before May 15, 2013.  Please email the proposal to [log in to unmask] Authors of accepted proposals will be  notified and will be provided with detailed guideline.

Important Dates
May 15, 2013            Proposal Submission
June 15, 2013                Notification of Acceptance
September 15, 2013            Full Chapter Submission
October 30, 2013         Review Results Provided
November 30, 2013                Final Chapter Required

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