The Journal of Human-Robot Interaction is pleased to remind authors of the final call for a special issue on Haptics in HRI: Cooperation and Communication.

Details and a link to the CFP are below.

-- Call for papers 
-- Deadline: November 8
-- Guest editors: Karon MacLean and Antonio Frisoli

Topics of Interest 
Papers will include technology and/or interactive or experimental developments and requirements. It is essential that papers emphasize the relevance of both humans and the haptic modality in the HRI, in the role of enhancing cooperation and communication as well as general transparency of interaction.  Topics of interest include but are not limited to:

•	Haptic-mediated human-robot cooperation
•	Functional social signaling (e.g. task progression, turntaking, disturbance handling, etc)
•	Communication of affect and emotion through haptics
•	Interplay of haptic communication with other sensory and display modalities
•	Inference of user parameters or state via human contact, e.g. in support of intelligent interaction, and of fusing information from other modalities
•	Coordination of, and/or compliance control in, cooperative, shared-force tasks
•	Novel interaction paradigms
•	Design for “feel”, e.g., of robot impedance to facilitate physical interaction
•	Innovative use of haptic feedback (tactile or force feedback) in teleoperated or other remotely controlled or programmed robot systems
•	Technological and social approaches for safe pHRI, actual and perceived
•	Pioneering applications utilizing physical user interaction in robotics
•	Evaluative methodology in support of any of the above.

Karon MacLean
Professor of Computer Science
University of British Columbia
Vancouver, B.C.   Canada  

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