On Sunday, March 9, 2014 10:08:43 PM UTC-7, Michael Rohan wrote:
Hi Folks,

A new release of ZanyBlue is now available: 1.2.0 Beta.  This is an Ada library
currently targeting localization support for Ada (along the lines of Java
properties) with supporting message formatting and built-in localization for
about 20 locales.

The properties files are compiled into Ada sources which are then built with
your application and used to access application messages at run-time.  The
run-time locale is used to select localized messages, if they are available.

The changes for this release are

* Updates for building with GNAT 2013.
* Moved usage of Generic packages to library level (stricted accessibility
  checks with GNAT2013).
* Dropped definition of "ld run path" definition (created issues on MacOS).
* Updated CLDR data to v24 Release (see cldr.unicode.org).
* Allow localization for +/- characters to be multi-character strings.
* Improved errors messages for invalid zbmcompile command line arguments.
* Implemented message filtering for all Print routines.
* Added directory tree level initialation files for zbtest.
* Bugfixes, e.g., handling OS LANG values with dashes in the encoding.
* Some documentation updates.
* Added a patch to ZanyBlue-ize GNAT GPS 5.2.1 (released with GNAT 2013).
  The resultant executable is identical to the standard gps but with support
  for pseudo translation (no real attempt is made to supply localized
  properties files for GPS).

Please see the the project page on Source Forge for download links,
documentation, etc,


This project is licensed under a simple BSD style license.

Take care,

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