Hi all,

A kind reminder that there is only 1 week left until the deadline for the
UIC 2015 video contest!  Encourage your students to submit.  There will be
a prize for best video!




Dear colleagues,

Do you have an interesting vision, technology or demo about what Ubiquitous
Computing will be like in the future?  Do you have lots of ideas but you
find it difficult to write in a paper or poster?  Do you want to show your
creativity and artistic ability?  If you said yes to either of these
questions, then consider submitting a video to the UIC 2015 conference.
See more details below, and forward to others who may be interested.


*Ubiquitous Intelligent Computing 10 Years from Now*

Ubiquitous Intelligent Computing (UIC) and Internet-of-Things have brought
us a vision that smart (physical, cyber, cyber-physical) things including
humans and objects are pervasive and can be interconnected, inter-sensing,
interacting, inter-processing, inter-understanding, and inter-serving,
which is changing our world and reshaping our lives. With new technologies
like wearable computing, flexible electronics, and biological-machine
intelligence, many people are talking about the vision of a smart world
where people and machine coexist in environments such as a smart car, smart
home, smart office and smart city. There are now smart objects where
everyday objects can be empowered with computing technology to become
intelligent, for example, wearable devices that can track how many cups of
water that you have drank everyday. But this is just the beginning. If we
look at 10 years from now, what would the smart world look like and what
are the missing pieces that are needed to truly enable a smart world?

  How will ubiquitous intelligent computing change the world that we live
> today?
>   What will our smart lives look like?
>   What new technologies will emerge?
>   What kind of creative applications will we be using?

The UIC’15 Smart World Creative Video Contest welcomes the contribution of
videos illustrating inspiring visions of future smart worlds, our smart
lives, and smart human-machine applications that are grounded in today's
technical reality, that make full use of your imagination and creation to
demonstrate your creative ideas, designs, applications, and systems. The
content within the video must be related to ubiquitous computing, smart
objects and interactions, smart systems and services, smart environments
and applications, personalization, social computing, and context-aware
computing, and demonstrate how it can produce a great impact on the future
of human life or on human life at the present. The video can demonstrate a
concept within the smart world, a scenario explaining how users interact
within the smart world, or even new objects or technologies that have never
been dreamed of before. In order to be eligible, videos should not have
been previously presented in any other formal video program in another
conference. Although artistic effort is valued, we value technical and
research contributions regarding your insights and ideas. Even if you do
not have any artistic background or are unfamiliar with multimedia
processing techniques, we encourage you to submit a video.

*The UIC’15 Smart World Creative Video Contest submission should include:*

>   a cover page including title of the video, authors of the video,
> affiliation, and up to 150 words abstract about the description of the video
>   a video up to 5 minutes: the video should not require the viewer to read
> the abstract

 *The video should adhere to these guidelines:*

>   Video size: HD(1920×1280), or SD(1280×720)
>   Video format: AVI、WMV、MOV、MP4
>   Provide audio descriptions of key visual content
>   Language in English
>   Video time: Up to 5 minutes

We welcome video submissions from at home and abroad, and from any
academic, business, education and government circles to take part in the
"Smart World Creative Video Contest ". Please submit your video in English
that conforms to the following specifications to [log in to unmask]

>   Submission Deadline: June 1, 2015
>   Notification of Acceptance: June 30, 2015

 For inspiration, see an example of a smart world video called A Day Made
of Glass from Corning:http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XMjQ0NzA0MjMy.html

The contest will have two phases. First, videos will be evaluated primarily
on the quality of content, the clarity of presentation, quality of
production, creativity, attendee interest and technical and research
relevance to UIC’15. Second, the accepted videos will be presented in at
the conference, where each author will be given 1 minute to address the
highlights of the video to be presented. Then, the conference attendees
will vote for the video contest winner. The accepted video authors can
submit a 1-2 page extended abstract of their presented video for inclusion
in IEEE Proceedings on UIC’15.

*We look forward to your videos and good luck!*

*UIC’15 Video Chairs:*
Alvin Chin, Microsoft, China.(alvin.chin[AT]utoronto.ca)
Yasha Wang, Peking University, China
Runhe Huang, Hosei University, Japan.

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