Dear Members of the Ada Community:


We welcome your nominations for the 2015 Outstanding Ada Community Contribution Award and the 2015 ACM SIGAda Distinguished Service Award.  The SIGAda Award winners will be announced electronically in November as we are not holding a SIGAda-sponsored conference this year.


Nominations are due on September 21st.


The ACM SIGAda Awards recognize individuals and organizations that have made outstanding contributions to the Ada community and to SIGAda.  The two categories of awards are:


(1) Outstanding Ada Community Contribution Award

     -- For broad, lasting contributions to Ada technology & usage.


(2) ACM SIGAda Distinguished Service Award

     -- For exceptional contributions to SIGAda activities & products.


If there are individuals who you feel have made contributions that satisfy these criteria, please consider nominating them.  You may nominate a person for either or both awards, and as many people as you think worthy.  


Please visit the SIGAda Awards page and peruse the names of past winners.  This may help you think about the measure of accomplishment that is appropriate.  You may be aware of people who have made substantial contributions that have not yet been acknowledged. Nominate them. Consider what you believe to be the best developments in the Ada community or SIGAda in the last year; the last 5 years; since Ada's inception. Who was responsible?  Nominate them.


Please note that anyone who has received either of the two awards remains eligible for the other.  Perhaps there is an outstanding SIGAda volunteer who has won our Distinguished Service Award and who has also made important contributions to the advance of Ada technology, or vice versa.  Nominate him or her!


The nomination form is available on the SIGAda Awards page:


Submit your nomination as an e-mail or e-mail attachment to: [log in to unmask]  From your nominations, the recipients of the awards are determined by a poll of previous award winners.


Call our attention to the people who are most deserving, by nominating them.  And please nominate by September 21st.


Your participation in the nominations process will help maintain the prestige and honor of these awards.


Thank you,


Ricky E. “Ranger” Sward

Chair ACM SIGAda Awards Committee

ACM SIGAda Past Chair



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