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*Second Call*

Dear all,

A while back I sent an initial called for the Handbook of Input and 3D User
Interaction: Theory and Practice, which will be published by CRC Press. I
did received some great proposal but I needed to delay the second call
because of the work load I had at the end of the year.* I do ask people
that sent either interest or proposal, to please send it to
[log in to unmask] <[log in to unmask]>  (This email) *

Now, with the time clear for the handbook, I'm making this second call,
with a final called that will follow.

I already have some associated editors but if we have anyone that will like
to contribute, please email me. Below is the original called with updated

Call for Book Chapters and Associate Editors for Handbook of Input and 3D
User Interaction: Theory and Practice to be published by CRC Press (Taylor
and Francis). This book will complement existing handbooks in CRC Press: 1)
Human Computer Interaction Handbook: Fundamentals, Evolving Technologies,
and Emerging Applications and 2) Handbook of Virtual Environments: Design,
Implementation, and Applications. In other words, we don’t want to repeat
chapters from those books unless it is necessary to expand a topic.

*While we do provide a list of topics below (and it is not limited to
those), we are in particular interested in gesture recognition, multi-modal
user interfaces, formal modeling and software enginering practices for UIs,
3D navigation (travel and wayfinding), Input Technologies, and 3D
Stereoscopic techniques. *

Handbook of Input and 3D User Interaction: Theory and Practice is looking
to have  comprehensive chapters dealing with Input and 3D User Interaction,
including the following topics (but not limited):

User Interaction Techniques

3D User Interfaces

Gesture Recognition





Formal Modeling of Gesture Recognition.

Multi-modal Interaction

Input Devices

Formal modeling for Input Devices and related topics (see Gesture

3D Navigation Techniques



Parallel programming for Input devices and Gesture Recognition

Design and Evaluation methods for Input devices, User Interaction, and 3D
User Interfaces

3D Stereoscopic interaction techniques.

Input Techniques

Intelligent (and adaptive) user interfaces

Domain specific techniques

Sensor Techniques (for user interaction – see Gesture Recognition)

Vision techniques (for user interaction – see Gesture Recognition)

Design Approaches and Implementations Strategies (similar to techniques)

Testing and Evaluation for user interfaces, input techniques, or others.
(see topics)

Virtual Environments, Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality, and Augmented Reality
in reference to input devices, user interaction, and/or 3D user interfaces.

Hardware consideration for input devices.

Software consideration for input devices.

Case Studies and Selected applications for User Interaction, Input
Techniques, and others (applying to topics mentioned)

I recommend looking at VE handbook or HCI handbook to understand the idea
of our handbook (or email me).

We are looking for chapter proposals (1 – 2 pages), which, if selected,
will become chapters of the book. We are also looking for additional
associate editors for this book that will help to select chapters and sort
topics. We already have a few, as already mentioned.

The size of the book is expected to be similar the VE handbook (latest
edition) or a bit smaller.

*Important Dates: *

*Proposal deadline (1 – 2 proposal, and bio or cv of main author): February
29th, 2016.  *

*Decision deadline: Between March 15th to March 25th, 2016. *

*If selected:*

*First Draft deadline: May 23th. *

*Editors review deadline to return draft: (Tentative) June 12th*

*Final Draft due from authors: June 30th. *

Revisions after full draft may be required. We do ask the authors to send
drafts before the deadline to work with them and make sure we are on the
right track

Francisco R. Ortega, Ph.D.
Computer Science - 3D User Interfaces
Visiting Post-Doc Fellow at HPDRC
FIU VIP Coordinator
Florida International University.
Former McKnight DYF Fellow & GAANN Fellow
http://www.FranciscoRaulOrtega.com <http://www.franciscoraulortega.com/>
Lab: http://www.openhid.com
"No me quieras por que gané, necesito que me quieras para ganar" -- Marcelo

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