Hello again, SIGCSE liberal arts committee. We've had some time now to get used to being a SIGCSE committee, and some ideas have gotten tossed around and are maybe being worked on. Hopefully we'll at some point (not necessarily now, I realize it's still early) hear more about things like the surveys that a couple of you talked about. Meanwhile, I'd also like us to think a bit about what our overarching goal(s) might be.

A good starting point for goals might be the fact that SIGCSE committees aren't permanent bodies, so we should think about what we're going to leave for CS educators when we're done. Our committee proposal promised a report, and suggested maybe some sort of foundation on which a permanent body could be established. But now that we're an actual committee and not just a proposal, we can think about these things in more detail. So what are your thoughts on....

- If/when we write a report, what should it be? A state of CS education in the liberal arts ca 2016 survey? A roadmap for future CS education in the liberal arts? Both? Something else?

- Is there a need for a permanent organization of liberal arts CS educators? If so, do we want to lay the groundwork for such a thing?

- What else should this committee's "product" include?

Thanks for your work on this group, and happy springtime (which is for the umpteenth time this year trying to get going here in northwestern New York).

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