Hi All,

Thanks to everyone who has completed the Computing Majors in the Liberal Arts survey.  If you havenít had a chance to do that yet, here is the link again:


I will plan to leave the survey open for another few weeks, then crunch the data and generate a quick summary report at the middle to end of May.  


Grant Braught
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Hi Everyone,

Thank you to everyone that sent along helpful feedback on the survey draft that I circulated a few weeks back.  I have finally incorporated all of the feedback that I received and have put the survey together with Google Forms.

It became very clear, very quickly that we have a wide diversity of programs organized in all sorts of creative and exciting ways.  Which is great, unless you are trying to create a survey!  So, I ask that though some questions may not fit your program exactly, please give the best answer that you can to each question, and then provide any clarifying comments in the area provided at the end of each section.  That will hopefully give us both some reasonably valid quantitative results for big-picture perspective at as well as more specifics that we can drill down into.

In addition, I was unable to come up with any clever way to easily capture information about different majors/degree programs within a school. So I ask that the survey be completed once for each computing major (CS, IS, IT, SWE, etc) offered at your institution. Also, if a major offers different degree options (BS vs BA) with different requirements, please complete the survey once for each unique major/degree combination. I apologize for this imperfect and labor intensive solution, but hope that it will provide us with more complete information about the variety of majors/programs that we offer.

Finally, the survey is setup so that everyone can see the results.

After all of that, hereís the link to the survey: Computing Majors in the Liberal Arts.



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