Earn 22 individual R courses' Certificates of Completion for $135 USD total
one-time cost (for all courses as a set) with no time limits.

This is $135 for all courses together, not for each course.

The 22 courses have 7,200+ individual students from 122 countries currently
enrolled with individual course reviews available.

Visit http://r-courseware.com at tab "Certificate Program"

Single registration payment of $135 for permanent lifetime registration
and access to all 22 online R courses, includes:
(1) 24/7 lifetime online access to each course on any device anywhere in the
(2) certificate of completion for each course completed with no time limits;
(3) 30-day 100% refund money-back guarantee.

22 individual R courses on these topics:
(1) fundamentals of R;
(2) R graphics;
(3) multivariate analysis;
(4) data mining;
(5) R programming and application development;
(6) simulation and monte carlo methods with R; and
(7) structural equation modeling (SEM), multilevel SEM, and PLS Path

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