I saw the following from a LACS member on the LACS mailing list this morning. I think it's a good example of why the CS education community needs some identified group that can provide knowledgeable voices on issues touching liberal arts CS programs. LACS plays that role now, mostly by default of being the only liberal arts CS group around, not because it necessarily wants the job. And the account below sounds like Jason, the person looking for advice, sort of stumbled on LACS by accident. So do we the SIGCSE liberal arts committee think there needs to be a spokes-group for liberal arts CS? If so, what do we think it should look like?

(PS. We the committee aren't really the group I describe either, as we aren't a permanent organization. But we could certainly call for a permanent successor organization that would be that group. And if anyone on the committee wants to send individual comments to Jason as described below, I think that would be appropriate.)

- Doug


I spent some time the other day talking with Jason Chuang about capacity issues in CS.  Jason has been asked by the White House to organize a workshop on capacity issues in CS education, "including attracting, recruiting, and retaining teachers for CS in higher ed”.  He’s trying to get a sense of the issues involved before convening the workshop.  It sounded to me like he’d had quite a few conversations with faculty from big schools, but that I was perhaps the first liberal arts faculty member he’d spoken with.  He’s anxious to make contact with more liberal arts faculty, and I offered to send a note to the LACS list on his behalf.  If you’re willing to share your thoughts and concerns with him, please send him a note at [log in to unmask]

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