My first thought is to change the title.  Report of... is not a strong
draw, I would think.  Perhaps just call it something like "Computer Science
in Liberal Arts Colleges."  Then the description can say that it is a
report of status from a committee.


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On Mon, Aug 22, 2016 at 2:59 PM, Douglas Baldwin <[log in to unmask]>

> Following discussions over the past few weeks, here is a draft proposal
> for a SIGCSE liberal arts committee special session at SIGCSE 2017. I
> certainly welcome suggestions on it from anyone, but most of you can be as
> much or as little involved in making such suggestions as you want. A few of
> you though (specifically, Grant, Henry, Alyce, Andrea, and Amanda) have
> talked with me in more detail about parts of it or otherwise got named as
> participants, so you might want to look at it more carefully.
> Grant, I wrote a paragraph about your survey results, which largely
> reflects my reaction of "hmm, sort of what you'd expect of a stereotypical
> liberal arts college, except not really...." But you know the survey much
> better than I do, and have thought about the results more, so please feel
> free to rewrite that paragraph completely if you want. Or make smaller
> suggestions on it, etc.
> As I was writing I came up with the idea of splitting the audience into
> small groups for discussion, which does seem like a productive way to get
> their input. But it also led me to list myself, Grant, Henry, Alyce,
> Andrea, and Amanda as potential leaders for those small groups. I would be
> happy to list any or all of those 6 as authors on the session proposal if
> you would like (although that obligates you to register for SIGCSE, which I
> don't know if you're all planning to do). I would also be happy to drop any
> (but not all) of those 6 from the list of possible discussion leaders. Or
> anything else. Please advise on what you'd like me to do with your name,
> and accept my apologies for using it without prior consultation in the
> draft.
> The attachment is a PDF of the proposal, but there's also a LaTeX source
> which I'll share with anyone who wants to do major editing. My guess though
> is that most suggestions will be small enough that you can just circulate
> them via email.
> Please get any comments back to me soon, since I need to submit this by
> Friday. Thanks!
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