Following discussions over the past few weeks, here is a draft proposal for a SIGCSE liberal arts committee special session at SIGCSE 2017. I certainly welcome suggestions on it from anyone, but most of you can be as much or as little involved in making such suggestions as you want. A few of you though (specifically, Grant, Henry, Alyce, Andrea, and Amanda) have talked with me in more detail about parts of it or otherwise got named as participants, so you might want to look at it more carefully.

Grant, I wrote a paragraph about your survey results, which largely reflects my reaction of "hmm, sort of what you'd expect of a stereotypical liberal arts college, except not really...." But you know the survey much better than I do, and have thought about the results more, so please feel free to rewrite that paragraph completely if you want. Or make smaller suggestions on it, etc.

As I was writing I came up with the idea of splitting the audience into small groups for discussion, which does seem like a productive way to get their input. But it also led me to list myself, Grant, Henry, Alyce, Andrea, and Amanda as potential leaders for those small groups. I would be happy to list any or all of those 6 as authors on the session proposal if you would like (although that obligates you to register for SIGCSE, which I don't know if you're all planning to do). I would also be happy to drop any (but not all) of those 6 from the list of possible discussion leaders. Or anything else. Please advise on what you'd like me to do with your name, and accept my apologies for using it without prior consultation in the draft.

The attachment is a PDF of the proposal, but there's also a LaTeX source which I'll share with anyone who wants to do major editing. My guess though is that most suggestions will be small enough that you can just circulate them via email.

Please get any comments back to me soon, since I need to submit this by Friday. Thanks!

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