PELGA: Performance Engineering for Large Scale Graph Analytics

			August 22nd, 2016,
  		Amphitheater 3, IUT2, Grenoble

Are you already at EuroPar'16? Then you're up for a great start of the 
conference! Join us on Monday morning, starting at 9:00am, for a great 
interactive workshop on new technologies for large-scale graph 

The name of the workshop is PELGA, the time is 9:00am, and the location 
is Amphitheater 3.

For more details on the workshop program:

For the conference program: http://europar2016.inria.fr/program/

Our mission:

Graph analytics is becoming a significant consumer of computing
resources as the graphs grow in size (social networking, advanced
marketing, life sciences, health and bioinformatics services, academic
networks) and the analysis tasks grow increasingly complex. To enable
existing algorithms to fit modern architectures and scale with these new 
requirements, there is a growing need for performance engineering.
PELGA’15 is a venue for specialists from both industry and academia to
discuss the state of the art of graph processing systems, with a special 
focus on performance. Contributions focusing on graph-centric
performance engineering tools and methods, workload characterization,
and performance modeling are especially welcome. We also invite
contributions covering surveys, performance studies, comparative
analyses, new algorithms and new graph processing systems. This broad
mix of ideas will stir discussion and lead to new collaborations and new 

We are looking forward to a great scientific week in Grenoble! Joi us 
for a great start!

With best regards,
on behalf of the program committee,
Ana Lucia Varbanescu

PS> For any additional information, please contact Ana Lucia Varbanescu 
at [log in to unmask]

Ana Lucia Varbanescu
Assistant Professor
Informatics Institute, Faculty of Sciences
University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands
E-mail: [log in to unmask]


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