We are looking for two phd students and a postdoc to join our research team.

The Industrial Internet is a marriage of networked industrial machinery
with big data processing enabling on-demand maintenance, higher
operational efficiency, and remote, autonomous operations. It is
foreseen to make a revolution in production efficiency to strengthen the
competitiveness of EU industries. Therefore, traditionally air-gaped
systems such as Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) are
being connected to the Internet, which brings unprecedented
cybersecurity challenges for the society. New and sever attacks on
critical infrastructure are being reported daily, yet utilizing
traditional IP security models is clearly failing to prevent future
attacks. It is imperative, therefore, to develop a novel cybersecurity
architecture for Industrial Internet utilizing such concepts as
identity- and software-defined networking, long-range low-power 5G
wireless networks, digital data watermarking and encrypted data processing.

We seek motivated candidates with demonstrated academic excellence and
research aptitude to embark upon system and protocol design, security
mechanisms, distributed algorithms, simulations, proof-of-concept
implementation, network measurements and analysis, programming. Prior
experience in these topics as well as in the areas of software-defined
networking, wireless and ad-hoc networks, cloud computing, open-source
software development will be considered an asset.

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Apply by January 17th, 2017

Best regards and Season's greetings!

Andrei Gurtov, PhD, ACM Distinguished Scientist
Associate professor, Linköping University
IEEE ComSoc Distinguished Lecturer & Vice-chair, IEEE Finland