Umeå University, Sweden, announces 8 Postdoc stipends in autonomous systems, addressing a range of different fields, spanning from distributed systems and cloud management to human-robot interaction, digital companions, and the design of hydraulic cranes:

* Autonomous anomaly detection in future cloud computing infrastructures (PI: Erik Elmroth)

* Automation for heavy-duty mobile hydraulic cranes with applications in agriculture and forestry (PI: Leonid Freidovich)

* Verbal human-robot interaction (PI: Thomas Hellström)

* Socially intelligent autonomous systems (PI: Helena Lindgren)

* Autonomous systems that recognise, explain, and predict complex human activities (PI: Juan Carlos Nieves)

* Autonomous systems’ ability to understand their own limitations (PI: Kai-Florian Richter)

* Realtime physics-based computer vision for crane manipulators (PI: Martin Servin)

* Autonomous resource allocation for rack-scale systems (PI: Johan Tordsson)

For the full announcement, including links to the individual projects, please see:

Application deadline is February 1, 2017.

Best regards,
Erik Elmroth