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International Conference on Networked Systems (NetSys 2017)

March 13 - 17, 2017, Goettingen, Germany


* Main conference program featuring 18 technical papers, 13 posters
(PhD forum), 7 demos and 3 workshops (SDNFlex, PerEL, SIREMTI).
* Three keynote speakers are: Henning Schulzrinne (Columbia
University, USA), Wieland Holfelder (Google Germany GmbH, Germany),
Rolf Stadler (KTH – Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden)
* Please also note the advanced registration deadline is due on 21st
January and hotel reservation deadlines are due very soon

== Main Conference Program ==

Session: ICN and SDN

Adaptive ICN Multipath Forwarding for Hybrid Access
Navdeep Uniyal (NEC Laboratories Europe, Germany); Dirk Kutscher
(Huawei German Research Center, Germany); Jan Seedorf (HFT Stuttgart,
Germany); Jeremias Blendin and David Hausheer (TU Darmstadt, Germany)

I(FIB)F: Iterated Bloom Filters for Routing in Named Data Networks
Cristina Muñoz and Liang Wang (University of Cambridge, United
Kingdom); Eduardo Solana (University of Geneva, Switzerland); Jon
Crowcroft (University of Cambridge, United Kingdom)

Performance Comparison of Node-Redundant Multicast Distribution Trees
in SDN Networks
Miroslav Popovic (EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland); Ramin Khalili (Huawei
Technologies, Germany); Jean-Yves Le Boudec (EPFL, Switzerland)

Session: Middleware and IT management

Consistent Retrospective Snapshots in Distributed Event-sourced Systems
Benjamin Erb, Dominik Meißner, Gerhard Habiger, Jakob Pietron and
Frank Kargl (Ulm University, Germany)

gAUDIT: A Group Communication-capable Request-Response Middleware for
Auditing Clouds
Matthias Flittner and Alexander Weigel (Karlsruhe Institute of
Technology (KIT), Germany); Martina Zitterbart (KIT, Germany)

Semantic Models for Bridging Domains in Automated IT Management: Lessons Learned
Andreas Textor (RheinMain University of Applied Sciences, Germany);
Reinhold Kroeger (Hochschule RheinMain – University of Applied
Sciences, Germany); Kurt Geihs (University of Kassel, Germany)

Session: Wireless networks and smart devices

VNF modeling towards the Cloud-RAN implementation
Veronica Quintuna and Fabrice M. Guillemin (Orange Labs, France)

Game-Theoretic Analysis of Markovian Play Order in Wireless Networks
Peyman Teymoori (University of Oslo, Norway); Toktam Ramezanifarkhani
(Amirkabir University of Technology, Iran)

Adaptive Task-oriented Message Template for In-Network Processing
The An Binh Nguyen (Technische Universität Darmstadt, Germany);
Christian Meurisch (TU Darmstadt, Germany); Stefan Niemczyk (Universit
of Kassel, Germany); Doreen Böhnstedt (Technische Universität
Darmstadt, Germany); Kurt Geihs (University of Kassel, Germany); Max
Muehlhaeuser (Technical University Darmstadt, Germany); Ralf Steinmetz
(Technische Universität Darmstadt, Germany)

Session: Mobile social networks, community networks

Replication Probability-based Routing Scheme for Opportunistic Networks
Salem Omar Sati (HHU University, Germany); Andre Ippisch and Kalman
Graffi (Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf, Germany)

Simulating a City-Scale Community Network: From Models to First
Improvements for Freifunk
Tobias Hardes and Christoph Sommer (Paderborn University, Germany);
Falko Dressler (University of Paderborn, Germany)

The Human Factor: A Simulation Environment for Networked Mobile Social
Nils Richerzhagen, Björn Richerzhagen, Dominik Stingl and Ralf
Steinmetz (Technische Universität Darmstadt, Germany)

Session: Security and privacy

FaVe: Modeling IPv6 Firewalls for Fast Formal Verification
Claas Lorenz (genua GmbH, Germany); Sebastian Kiekheben and Bettina
Schnor (University of Potsdam, Germany)

RAIM: Redundant Array of Independent Motes
Dominik Schürmann, Felix Büsching, Sebastian Willenborg and Lars C
Wolf (Technische Universität Braunschweig, Germany)

Ant Colonies for Efficient and Anonymous Group Communication Systems
Tim Grube, Jörg Daubert and Sascha Hauke (Technische Universitaet
Darmstadt, Germany); Max Muehlhaeuser (Technical University Darmstadt,

Session: Monitoring and measurement

Decentralized Data Fusion for Urban Micro-scale Monitoring Using
Mobile Sensor Network
Milica Milojevic and Javier A. Barria (Imperial College London, United Kingdom)

Measuring and Predicting Cellular Network Quality on Trains
Fabian Kaup, Florian Fischer and David Hausheer (TU Darmstadt, Germany)

LEACH-SC: A Spatial Correlation-Based Protocol for Energy-Efficient
Data Collection in Wireless Sensor Networks
Oualid Demigha (EMP & ESI, Algeria); Slimane Bedda (EMP, Algeria);
Mossab Chabane (Ecole Militaire Polytechnique, Algeria)

== Demo Session ==

The following demonstrations will take place at NetSys 2017.

A Realistic Use-case for Wireless Industrial Automation and Control
Junaid Ansari, Ismet Aktas, Christian Brecher, Christoph Pallasch,
Nicolai Hoffmann, Markus Obdenbusch, Martin Serror, Klaus Wehrle,
James Gross
Ericsson Research, RWTH Aachen and KTH Stockholm

DeSyPs – A decentralized, sybil-resistant, pseudonymous online
discussion platform
Martin Florian, Sebastian Friebe
Karlsruher Institut für Technologie (KIT)

A Framework for Recording and Replaying IDN (ILDA Digital Network)
Streams on PCAP Basis
Matthias Frank
University of Bonn

Rapid Cellular Network Simulation Framework for Automotive Scenarios
(RACE Framework)
Florian Jomrich, Tushar Wankhede, Tobias Rückelt, Daniel Burgstahler,
Doreen Böhnstedt, Ralf Steinmetz
Technische Universität Darmstadt

openDSME – A Portable Framework for Reliable Wireless Sensor and
Actuator Networks
Florian Kauer , Maximilian Köstler, Tobias Lübkert, Volker Turau
Hamburg University of Technology

Facilitating Volunteer Computing Resources for In-Network Data
Analysis through Message  Template
The An Binh Nguyen, Christian Meurisch, Stefan Niemczyk, Christian
Klos, Doreen Böhnstedt, Ralf Steinmetz
Technische Universität Darmstadt and University of Kassel

Name-Centric Services for the Internet of Things
Torsten Teubler, Horst Hellbrück
Lübeck University of Applied Sciences

== PhD Forum ==

The following contributions will be presented during the NetSys 2017 PhD Forum.

Issues in Supporting Third-Partys In-Network Services in the Internet
Alessio Silvestro (NEC Laboratories Europe), Roberto Bifulco (NEC
Laboratories Europe), Sachin Sharma (NEC Laboratories Europe), Fabian
Schneider (NEC Laboratories Europe), Jussi Kangasharju (University of
Helsinki), Xiaoming Fu (University of Goettingen)

Compliance Management in Peer-to-Peer Networks
Alexander Schneider (Heinrich Heine Universität Düsseldorf)

Research Statement: Coupling Vehicle Simulators
Dominik S. Buse (Distributed Embedded Systems Group, Heinz Nixdorf
Institute, Paderborn University, Germany)

Improved Internet Traffic Control using Analyzed Mobile Application Usage Logs
DooHo Keum (Ajou University), Eungkyu Lee (Ajou University), Young-Bae
Ko (Ajou University), Keun-Woo Lim (Telecom ParisTech Universite)

Capability-Aware SDN Application Models: Dealing with Network Heterogeneity
Felipe A. Lopes (Federal University of Pernambuco), Robert Bauer
(Karlsruhe Institute of Technology), Stenio Fernandes (Federal
University of Pernambuco)

Intelligent Provisioning of High Definition Street Maps for Highly
Automated Driving Vehicles
Florian Jomrich (Technical University Darmstadt, Germany)

Reliable Wireless Channel Access for Large-Scale Cyber-Physical Systems
Florian Kauer (Hamburg University of Technology)

Edge Computing via Dynamic In-network processing
Julien Gedeon (Telecooperation Lab, TU Darmstadt)

Towards an ICN Cloud Architecture for the IoT
Martine Lenders (Freie Universität Berlin), Matthias Wählisch  (Freie
Universität Berlin)

Detection and Mitigation of DDoS Attacks at Internet Exchange Points
Marcin Nawrocki (Freie Universität Berlin)

REARM: Renewable Energy based Resilient Deployment of Virtual Network Functions
Sameer G Kulkarni (University of Göttingen), Mayutan Arumaithurai
(University of Göttingen), K.K. Ramakrishnan (University of
California, Riverside), Xiaoming Fu (University of Göttingen)

Research Statement: Vehicular Visible Light Communications
Agon Memedi (Distributed Embedded Systems, Heinz Nixdorf Institute and
Dept. of Computer Science, Paderborn University, Germany)

Secure and Flexible Internet of Things using Software Defined Networking
Stefan Mehner (Brandenburg University of Technology Cottbus–Senftenberg)

Yang Chen
Pre-tenure Associate Professor
School of Computer Science
Fudan University