Dear fellow multimedia researchers,

Welcome to the old and new mailing list [log in to unmask].

We have just imported the subscribers of multimedia research's longest-living mailing list, [log in to unmask], to the listserv mail server at ACM.

Our thanks go to Prof. Wolfgang Effelsberg and his team for maintaining the list in Mannheim for more than two decades, enabling announcements and discussions beyond the limited circle of formal ACM SIGMM members. sigmm@pi4 has always allowed free subscription (and unsubscription), and was refreshed with attendee lists from our top conferences.

The mailing list in Mannheim is going to be shut down in the near future, but we want to keep this informal channel for you, who are interested in multimedia as a research topic. Therefore, we have added sigmm@pi4 subscribers to the mm-interest, which is hosted by ACM.

As before, you can subscribe and unsubscribe freely. Just go to , search for the list mm-interest, and select "subscribe or unsubscribe".

As before, the mailing list is strictly moderated. We admit SIG announcements and public discussions. We admit also calls for paper, but stand-alone calls are only published for SIGMM-supported events and calls endorsed by ACM and SIGMM officials. All other calls can be submitted to a digest through and will appear in the weekly digest until their deadline.

Best regards,
Carsten Griwodz