Hello, liberal arts committee members. Hopefully I'll get to see lots of
you at SIGCSE this week, particularly at some of the sessions we've
planned. As far as I know, we have...

- The special session "Computing Education in Liberal Arts Colleges: A
Status Report of the SIGCSE Committee" Friday at 10:45 in room 607.

- A BoF on "Communicating What Liberal Arts Colleges Contribute to Computer
Science" Thursday at 5:30 in room 609.

- A BoF on "Strategies for Including Soft Skills and Interdisciplinary
Content in CS Education" Thursday at 6:30 in room 204.

There's also a special session on "CS1 Beyond Programming" Thursday at
10:45 in rooms 602-604 which I believe sprang out of discussions on our
mailing list.

If you know of other sessions related to this committee, or just of
interest to it, please share them.

We also talked about organizing relatively small, informal groups of
ourselves to have lunch or dinner together -- if anyone would like to start
planning such a thing this mailing list is a good place to do it, either
before or during the conference.

Thank you all for your interest in the committee so far.