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ACM Multimedia Business Venture Track

This is a new track soliciting business venture proposal that combines elements of multimedia technology with business idea. The aim is to bridge the gap between academia and industry on multimedia research, innovation and application. It will also serve as a forum to encourage young researchers to think about the application of multimedia research to real-world problems. The track is open for submissions by all multimedia researchers and entrepreneurs.

As this is a multimedia conference, one key criteria is that the proposed idea must be anchored on a strong multimedia technology or innovation, including but not limited to, AI in multimedia, computer vision and robotics, etc. The proposal should describe the business idea along with the key multimedia technology involved, the problem that it is solving and its target audience, its innovation, and its barrier of entry to others. Along with the proposal, there should preferably be a working prototype with a brief business plan. The proposal will be evaluated by a group of experts from academia and venture world.

A business venture proposal should include:

·        Up to 5-page write up of the business idea, and the multimedia technology involved, along with the innovation. (This part will be published on conference proceedings.)

·        The business plan. (This part is for evaluation and presentation only, and will not be published.)

·        A short video depicting the business venture idea, with, optionally, a prototype. (This part is again for evaluation and presentation only, and will not be published.)


As this is a new track, and we would like to encourage broader submissions. Hence there will be a 2-stage submission process. Stage 1 is optional and is meant for preliminary idea submission. The evaluation panel will provide feedback to help authors refine their ideas for Stage 2 submission. Stage 2 will accept both new and existing proposals from Stage 1. The overall submission deadlines are:

Preliminary Submission (optional)

May 31, 2017

Feedback on Preliminary Submission

June 18, 2017

Final Submission

July 8, 2017

Notification of Acceptance

July 23, 2017

Camera-Ready Submission

August 11, 2017


All the accepted ideas will be exposed to the VC community for evaluation of real funding opportunities. After presentation at the conference, one best idea will be selected by a panel of experts from both academia and venture world for “Best Business Venture Idea Award.”

For enquiries regarding the submission, please contact: Prof Tat-Seng Chua ([log in to unmask]) or Dr Shipeng Li ([log in to unmask]).



Publicity Chairs:

Yong Rui (Lenovo Group)

Zheng-Jun Zha (University of Science and Technology of China)

Juan Carlos Niebles (Stanford University)