Hello, SIGCSE liberal arts committee members. Many of us got back from
SIGCSE in March and discovered that our semesters or quarters will still
going and needed our attention. But through that some of us have been
slowly collating notes from the sessions at SIGCSE, and finally have a set
to share. I decided that the easiest way to share was through a public
Google doc, so you should be able to simply follow this link to see the


You can also see the slides from the special session at


Let me know if you have trouble with the links, see things that should be
changed in the notes, or want to be able to make changes yourself.

Now that SIGCSE is "done," we have an agenda for the next few months,
hopefully leading to a committee report. In particular, we promised
ourselves a more thorough survey of issues and needs, and we wanted to
identify existing literature that can inform that survey and our report
generally. Stay tuned for more on these tasks, but in the meantime if
anyone has ideas on them, or other things you think we need to do, or
anything else, by all means share your thoughts. (The mailing list is "
[log in to unmask]")