Online Social Networks and Media  journal

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Issued quarterly, OSNEM is an Elsevier peer-reviewed international journal that publishes high-quality scientific articles (both theoretical and experimental) and survey papers covering all aspects of online social networks and media:  from OSNEM protocols and applications to the use of data mined from OSNEM for modeling and understanding the human behavior in the cyber-physical world. 
It is a multidisciplinary journal for the wide community of computer and network scientists working on developing OSNEM platforms and services and using OSNEM as a big data source to mine, learn and mode the (online) human behavior. The journal also welcomes contributions applying a wide range of (computer- and network-science) techniques and tools to OSNEM for investigating how social relationships affect other scientific fields, e.g., social and political sciences, economic and financial sciences, medical sciences.

Topics include, but are not limited to:

-   OSNEM platforms, protocols and applications;
-   Decentralized, mobile and location-based OSNEM;
-   Trust, reputation, privacy and security in OSNEM;
-   Dynamics of trends, information and opinion diffusion in OSNEM;
-   Recommendations and advertising in OSNEM;
-   Measurement, analysis and modeling of popular online social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Flickr, etc.);
-   Data mining, and machine learning in OSNEM systems;
-   Social media analysis and social analytics;
-   Information extraction and search in OSNEM;
-   Complex-network analysis of OSNEM;
-   Measurement, analysis and modeling of social behavior through OSNEM data;
-   Analysis of the use of OSNEM in the urban context;
-   Crowdsourcing and online social networks;
-   Multidisciplinary applications of OSNEM (economics, medicine, society, politics, homeland security, etc.).

Marco Conti
Founding EiC
Elsevier Journal on Online Social Networks and Media

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