Based on feedback I've gotten since circulating notes on the liberal arts
committee's SIGCSE 2017 activities, the sense seems to be that we should
work towards a report focused on the core questions from our charge (is
there a need for a voice for liberal arts computing programs, and is there
a need for an ongoing group of liberal arts computing educators). We have
quite a bit of evidence for a "yes" answer to the second of these just from
our discussions so far. We might also want to do a "characteristics of
liberal arts CS programs" survey, similar to last summer's except aimed at
a larger audience, but there seems to be little appetite for surveying on a
broader set of questions.

Barring alternatives to this plan (which are welcome; please share on this
mailing list if you think we should aim for a different goal), I'd like to
invite you to start thinking about what we should say re the two questions
above, and how we should support those statements (e.g., relevant
literature you know of, data sources to tap, things we'd need to get via a
second survey, etc.) Some of you have shared some thoughts on these things
with me individually, which is great, but don't be shy about sharing
thoughts with this list too.

Thanks, and hope you're all having good summers.