Hello, liberal arts committee. It's time to talk about plans for SIGCSE

I'd like to use it to unveil and get feedback on a draft committee report.
While we can certainly use more data, discussion, etc., I feel that a
fairly clear sense of some findings has emerged, enough so to form the
nucleus of a report. This can be much more definite by next February, and
so I suggest that we propose another special session devoted to verbally
presenting our findings and getting community reactions to them,
preparatory to finalizing a written report for publication in Inroads or
something similar. Barring cries of "no, stop!" or "yes, and I'll write the
proposal" from you, I will take the lead in writing and submitting a
special session proposal (due date is Sept. 1).

Partly to help me decide if we will really be ready to say something at
SIGCSE, and partly to produce something concrete that you will hopefully
react to, change, etc., I've written down what I think the "fairly clear
sense of some findings" is in a Google doc at


While it's grandly titled "Report of the SIGCSE Committee on Computing
Education in the Liberal Arts," it's really very much just my rough
thoughts on where we've come so far, laid out in a report-like
organization. You can all edit it, and I encourage you to do so, or make
comments on it, or share thoughts through this mailing list. I expect this
document will change massively before it really counts as a final report,
if it ever does at all.

Of particular note, there's a section on "Characteristics of Liberal Arts
Computing Programs" that I see as the place to discuss Grant's survey
results plus anything else anyone feels like adding based on the
literature, additional data you might have, etc. Right now the text is
mostly what we had in last year's special session proposal, plus a few more
thoughts that have occurred to me since. If Grant or anyone else wanted to
completely replace that section with their own interpretations it would be
just fine (and would remove a small risk of self-plagiarism).

Let us all know what you think, and thanks!