Dear PODC community,


the October issue of the EATCS Bulletin is now available at 



In the distributed computing column:

-          Ittai Abraham and Dahlia Malkhi present an interesting
perspective on Blockchain consensus protocols, through the lens of
distributed computing, and discuss the relationship to Byzantine Fault
Tolerant (BFT) protocols. 

-          Carlos Baquero, Paulo SÚrgio Almeida, Alcino Cunha, and Carla
Ferreira survey the mathematical structures and compositional properties of
state-based replicated data types that support the management of eventually
consistent, geo-replicated data.


Enjoy the new Bulletin!




PS: If you are working on an emerging topic in distributed computing which
you believe needs further attention in the community and is also of interest
to a broader TCS readership (and the EATCS Bulletin), please feel free to
contact me!