For those of you breathlessly counting down the days until the deadline for submitting camera-ready copy to SIGCSE 2018, and wondering when I would get around to doing it for the liberal arts committee's special session (yeah right, something everyone's been waiting for...), I've just finished doing it. I've attached the final version if anyone's interested. It's almost identical to the version submitted back in August, except that I added a sentence to the description of session activities that suggested a little more specifically what kinds of questions we'd like audience feedback on. This was what I saw as the main substantive suggestion in the reviews.

The next step, over the next 2 months or so, is to start fleshing out our strawman report into something we can talk about. I expect to start looking hard at this (and badgering you more energetically) once my semester is over, around the 22nd. Meanwhile, the strawman is at

should you wish to take a look, make initial suggestions, etc.

Thanks for your help so far, and hoping to see you at SIGCSE.