Dear All,
I am writing to find out if any of your institutions use inclusive teaching practices as criteria to evaluate candidates for tenure or promotion. If so, are these departmental or institutional criteria?

At my institution (Bucknell University - a liberal arts institution with an engineering college), retention, tenure, and promotion criteria are laid out broadly by the University, and then detailed by the department. The University Review Committee evaluates candidates' materials in reference to a document crafted by the department (the so-called Departmental Review Criteria document). 

My colleagues and I are brainstorming on criteria we could suggest for inclusion in our Departmental Review Criteria document, that would require candidates to reflect on the use of inclusive teaching/mentoring practices inside and outside the classroom. We are particularly interested in diversity/inclusion criteria specific to CS and its diversity challenges, so if you have departmental versions of these, I'd be very interested in them!

If you have thoughts on this or resources to share, I would very much appreciate it. If you don't want to share any information with the entire list, I'd appreciate if you respond to only me, and I will respect your wishes to keep any information confidential.

Thank you for your time,

Darakhshan J. Mir
Jane W. Griffith Faculty Fellow &
Assistant Professor of Computer Science
Bucknell University.