Book launch on April 5: Digital Demagogue: Authoritarian Capitalism in the
Age of Trump and Twitter

Thursday 5 April 2018, 19:00 – 21:00

117 Boardroom

University of Westminster

309 Regent Street

Regent Street Campus

London W1B 2HW


WIAS, CAMRI and Pluto Press are pleased to invite you to the book launch of
“Digital Demagogue” by Christian Fuchs.

"Digital Demagogue" analyses the emergence of authoritarian capitalism and
how authoritarian ideology operates in the age of social media, Trump,
reality TV, big data, algorithms and Cambridge Analytica. It contributes to
the critical analysis of the political economy of Donald

Trump and the critique of the political economy of authoritarian


Feature and interview about "Digital Demagogue", Trump, Twitter & Cambridge
Analytica in the KPFA radio show "Letters and Politics”:

Book (published):

German translation (forthcoming):

Free ebook "Nationalism 2.0" accompanying "Digital Demagogue":

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