Hi all,

Things are being harder than expected, so my apologies that I'm behind regarding emails.

I read that there will be a decision today/tomorrow about the logo and thought I would give my two cents :)

Thinking from a long term perspective, and considering the history of the event and smaller celebrations, I believe that we have two challenges to consider:
Thus, I would really prefer to have a professional designer who can come up with a logo that signals this event empowers women but invites people of all genders (see the Spanish celebration example [1]). For the second challenge, I'm attaching an image.

I would go with (a better version of) something like a hand shake with each hand of a different color, perhaps using the ACM logo colors, and then adding a local element each year. I think having a recognizable logo really pays off!



[1] - https://ipt.acm.org/ 


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