I (along with Amanda Holland-Minkley and Grant Braught) am happy to say that there's now a draft report from the SIGCSE Committee on Computing Education in the Liberal Arts. Since that's also you, I'd like to invite you to take a look at the draft and share your thoughts.

The draft is available at


You should be able to leave comments in the draft, or you can circulate them by email to this list.

Allowing for it being summer and reviewing long documents not necessarily being everyone's idea of a high-priority summer activity, how about if you share any comments or suggestions by the end of this month.

Once we've seen and acted on your ideas, I plan to submit this for publication. The tentative plan is to send it to Inroads, but other ideas are welcome, so speak up if you have some. Wherever we publish, it may need to be shortened, but that's something to address once the comments are in.